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Incremental Save Script Maya Python

Posted on: August 10th, 2013 by Redd 1 Comment

I came up with a nice little incremental save script in Maya for those that want to control when they incrementally save instead of Maya’s incremental solution where if you enable this action it will save out a new version of your file each time you save. This could be troublesome when you are working with very large files and don’t want your drives filled up with saves don’t necessarily need to be incremented.

from pymel.core import *
import os

def incSave():
    path = sceneName()
    fileName = path.split('/')[-1].partition(".")[0]
    newFileName = fileName+"_0001"+".ma"
    incSaveFolder = "incrementalSave"
    fileFolder = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(path, os.pardir))
    incSaveFolderPath = os.path.join(fileFolder,incSaveFolder)
    projectSaveFolder = os.path.join(incSaveFolderPath, fileName)
    incSaveFilePath = os.path.join(projectSaveFolder, newFileName)
    if os.path.exists(incSaveFilePath):
        savedFiles = os.listdir(projectSaveFolder)
        incFiles = []
        for i in savedFiles:
            if fileName in i:
        lastFile = incFiles[len(incFiles)-1]
        name = lastFile.partition(".")[0]
        newName = name[:-4]+(str(int(name[-4:])+1).zfill(4))+".ma"
        incSaveFilePath = os.path.join(projectSaveFolder, newName)


As always I hope this helps people out and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions to improve this script. as a warning I have someone testing this out for me and I have made small changes to it and I will make changes to it on an as needed basis.


Posted on: August 8th, 2013 by Redd No Comments

siggraphI recently returned from my first SIGGRAPH and I know it’s been a while since my last post. I got to see some very interesting papers, though when they brought up math I promptly lost interest, and some spectacular presentations on the making of Monsters University, Epic, and a host of really cool things as well.



My overall experience was great at SIGGRAPH, though California’s weather through me for a new since I’m from Texas and if it’s not above 85 degrees towards the end of July there’s just something wrong.

It was a breath of fresh air getting to meet new people from around the industry and to just sit down and have a conversation with someone that can understand you. The people were friendly to meet and it  was relatively easy to strike a conversation with someone you didn’t know.

Job Fair

SIGGRAPH also had a job fair, which from hearing from others was rather small. It was nice having a place where I could speak to an actual person from companies that you respect, instead of some online form. Though there were some companies there that I would question why they even had a booth to begin with since the only thing the people seemed to be able to do is lip service or in one case to just sign your name on their website.

Disney Animation studios took it one step further and had there on hall where they had team leads looking at people’s portfolio’s and giving feed back. It was a pretty awesome thing to be able to get direct feed back face to face on my portfolio from someone at a company that I highly respect.



The show room was a rather interesting place, ranging from Cinema4D’s live demo’s where they were also streaming live, to Pixar’s RenderMan, and to all the small booths that where located throughout the floor. One company was showing off their motion capture abilities with a skateboard ramp where they people skate boarding or roller skating and showing a live push of the information onto a game character on the TV screens around the booth.

There was also a very large number of 3D printing booths with some very cool things as well. I did wait in line for my tea pot from Pixar’s which is a rather cute version of Mike from Monsters University, but I did miss out on the poster they were handing out.


The Studio

There was also another interesting area as well called the studio where it was less about businesses trying to promote themselves and more about cool things being done with CG. They had things ranging from playing a game where you dipped your arms into water and used your fingers to shoot down monsters that were projected onto the surface of the pool.

There was also a really cool 3D scanner that I sat in line for and managed to take home the files. Unfortunately the .obj file was horribly low res and can’t be used. I’ll be looking around here soon to see if I can’t find any other any other importers for Maya since I have two other file formats that I was given as well.