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The portfolio that I’ve accumulated has been a work in progress for many years now. I love the different avenues of creativity that Rigging, Motion Graphics, and Design provides for me. I thoroughly enjoy creating and plan to continue doing so far into the foreseeable future.



I’ve recently gotten into a development at the studio that I currently intern at. Doing just rigging seems to no longer be the only thing that intersts me. Come see what kind of things I’ve been cooking up with PyQt.



Rigging is my passion though I’m still relatively new to the field. I recently started taking classes from Rigging Dojo where I’ve been learning python and the art of auto rigging. I’m Currently in the processes of developing my very own auto rigger. Come check out my Rigging Portfolio.


Motion Graphics

If Rigging is my passion them Motion Graphics and Animation is my unrequited love. I find motion to be an exciting media to express my ideas and thoughts. The boundless creativity that can come from animation definitely feeds my creative side. Come check out my Motion Graphics Portfolio.



The Design section of my website not only covers print design, but also in the Web, Photography, Drawing, 3D Rendering, and Composition. I love great design, especially clever or witty ideas. The creativity that can be applied to the many different fields is boundless and gives me the opportunity to tinker and enjoy myself.